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Audrey is a young chef from southern Louisiana. She has always loved food and as tradition in the south she began helping in the kitchen as soon as she could hold a spoon and stand on a stool. She was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 7 and have always enjoyed great food she did not want to give up tasty and elegant dishes. Thus began her culinary dreams in earnest. Living in the Deep Fried South she discovered that eating out was very difficult and pre-prepared dishes were now a thing of her past. She specializes in converting both southern and global cuisine into gluten-free masterpieces. Audrey also wants to be an advocate for those with celiac disease and other food-borne allergies. She encourages people to take control of their dietary needs and to experiment with new flavors. She has used her time after being a contestant on Top Chef Jr to help a variety of charities and to continue outreach to the gluten-free community.

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