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Jeremiah's Cooking Adventures

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Cooking Adventures

Pastry chef and published author of “Here’s What I Want You To Know”, Jeremiah Josey has accomplished great things at only eighteen years old. Undefeated by autism and being an advocate of the mental condition, he has cooked alongside a wide range of successful, talented chefs, such as Chef Kwame Onwuachi, who has appeared on Top Chef of Bravo TV, Franklyn Becker, Bravo Master’s and Paul Denamiel, Owner and Executive Chef of Le Rivage. Based in Maryland, Jeremiah resides with his mother and older sister. He is on a mission to conquer one culinary kitchen at a time!


Jeremiah’s love for cooking was inspired by his grandmother, where he gained access to much of his inspiration. He enjoyed being in the kitchen and baking so much, that he realized his passion almost instantly. It was in those cherishing moments that he shared with his mother his dream of being a pastry chef. As his number one supporter, his mother began to assist her son towards embarking on an international adventure. From there, Jeremiah began tackling his dream by working alongside one of his first mentors of many, Chef Kwame at The Shaw Bijou, located in Washington, DC. Jeremiah finds joy in being around diverse people and communicating the techniques and concepts he has learned from chef’s in which he has traveled. His wishes for his journey is to continue to grow and gain experience with diverse, cultural foods. A few of his favorite scrumptious sweet treats to bake and indulge in are Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Pie. Jeremiah presents every dish from the heart and with lots of love and passion. He had been growing steadily in the food industry, and feels he is just getting started in becoming a top-notch, global chef.


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